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The village of Zethau is situated in the middle of the Erz mountains in a beautiful landscape in a tributary valley of the Freiberger Mulde. At an altitude of 500 to 700 m above sea level, the climate is moderately warm in summer and relatively snow-sure in winter. The structure of the village is characterized by agriculture and craftsmanship.


Coniferous forests can be found on the surrounding mountains, in the valley meadows there are extensive deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests. In between there are agricultural areas, which together with the forests characterise the varied landscape and show a vital appearance.

Zethau is part of an extensive network of cycling and hiking trails that extend as far as the neighbouring Czech Republic.


With this ideal combination of history and modern times and the connection to winter sports areas of the upper Erz mountains, our facility is also well frequented in the winter months. There is also good cooperation with the youth hostels in Sayda, Frauenstein and Holzhau, which use our Green School boundlessly as a “House of the Forest with educational offers".


Our community is located between the traditional folk art places of the Erz mountains Annaberg, Marienberg, Olbernhau, Seiffen and Freiberg with their historical handicraft and mining sights. The industrial and cultural-historically important conurbations of Chemnitz and Dresden are located in a wider area.

The main road 101 (5 km) and the railway connection in Mulda (7 km) guarantee good accessibility, while the village of Zethau has kept a certain isolation from the hustle and bustle.


Those coming from further away can use the motorways A 4, A 13, A 14, A 17 or A 72. The Chemnitz - Freiberg - Dresden railway line is ideal for rail travellers. From Freiberg the railway line of the Freiberger Eisenbahn leads to Mulda or the bus line 735 Freiberg - Müdisdorf - Großhartmannsdorf - Helbigsdorf - Mulda - Zethau.


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