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About us


Nature conservation as a positive philosophy of life

See, smell, feel, hear, taste - grasp nature with all your senses - meet friends, celebrate together - recognise, shape and preserve the environment - our name is our programme:


Green school boundless

We are an international nature experience centre and offer children, adolescents, adults and seniors a variety of opportunities to discover the environment and deepen their knowledge of nature. Surrounded by the charming landscape of the Erz mountains, experiences await you that will leave a lasting impression on you and contribute to a positive attitude to life.


Our goals are:Malkurs

Support for school and extracurricular education

Organizing international youth meetings

Activities in the ecological and musical-cultural field

Children and youth leisure activities

Cultivation of traditions and customs

Preservation of old craft techniques and cultural heritage





Our offers are aimed at:1,0

School classes of all school types

project groups


Families and


We offer accommodation for events lasting several days

We are a member of the Landesverband Sächsischer Jugendbildungswerke e. V. (Saxon Youth Education Association).





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